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Grant Writing

Have a project coming together but you’re not quite sure what it needs to be fundable? Is your grant already written but you’d like an external review before submitting? Have you been reading and editing your grant for the last month and can’t see the forest for the trees… or for that matter make out the trees in the forest? Do you already have the grant and need to prepare a compliance report?

We’re here to help. We’ll put together a suite of services based on your grant writing needs, whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking text editing support.

Here’s How We Can Help:
Grant Searches
Project Development/ Scoping
Background Research
Proposal Writing
Progress/Compliance Report Prep.
Text Editing
External Proposal Review
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Grant Writing Services

Scientific/Technical Writing

We provide technical writing and editing services for scientific content. Whether you need a manuscript edited prior to peer-review journal submission, research proposal editing prior to submission, or any other content editing intended for a scientific or technical audience — we’re here to help. Our background in research, laboratory sciences, and instrument R&D means we’ll understand your unique content and help you deliver it with impact in a writing style that your scientific audience expects.

Here’s How We Can Help:
Technical/Scientific Writing
Manuscript Editing
Proposal Editing
English As a Second Language (ESL) Editing
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Scientific/Technical Writing Services

Data Collection & Analysis

Successful grants and programs require high-quality data collection, analysis, and visualization to showcase your achievements and project potential. We can help you develop a data collection approach customized to address your project, proposal, and grant reporting needs. Already have project data? We’ll help you format it into easy-to-understand plots that provide insight into your project’s success and are ready to share with your audience.

Here’s How We Can Help:
Data Type Selection
Data Collection Methods
Data Analysis
Data Visualization
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Data Collection & Consulting Services

Zoe adds value to our organization in many ways.  Of course she has added financial value through assisting in technical writing and chasing grants; yet she has also provided informational and educational value by helping leadership learn how to navigate certain processes in the public sector, and she has added value through relationships and access into different parts of the scientific community.  Zoe has even helped our organization provide value back into the scientific community and in turn, it is her work that is having a direct positive effect on pollution in the environment.

— Colin West, Clean Up the Cayes 501(c)3

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